Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Pinterest Update and a Thank You

I blame Loreen Leedy for this! On December 21st last year she wrote a post entitled Pinterest for nonfiction (and everything else)!-- a post that convinced me to ask her for an invitation. I started my account on January 8th and began with a bit of trepidation. What exactly was I going to use this for?  I played around a bit and realized very quickly just how very useful these boards could be in my teaching. Here's a glimpse of my page.
Nearly 11 months later I have 113 Boards, just over 3900 pins, and a growing collection of resources for teaching math and science, and to a smaller extent, social studies.

For years I've developed web sites for my classes. In this particular iteration I'm using both Weebly and Google sites. I like them both for different reasons, but I must say the visual nature of Pinterest is highly compelling. Students SEE very quickly what I'm talking about. Both the Weebly and Google sites are text heavy. With Pinterest I can point them directly to resources they can use in planning lessons. It has significantly changed how I think about sharing some of the more practical, applied components of the pedagogy I teach.

So, while I blame Loreen for this new obsession, I also owe her a great deal of thanks for helping me add yet another tool to my arsenal of teaching ideas. Thanks, Loreen!

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