Friday, December 7, 2012

Math Freebie - Steal the Treasure!

While pinning resources yesterday I came across a fabulous post by Aimee of Primarily Speaking. In it she describes a game she learned about at a workshop. Using a number line written on a paint stick, students roll dice, add the numbers, and remove each other's markers. Called Walk the Plank, I thought it looked like great fun.

After writing to Aimee to ask if I could take this idea and run with it (she said yes!), I changed the title and made several different game boards. Here's a snapshot of this new version called Steal the Treasure.

The game comes with teacher directions, student directions (shown), and three different game boards. 

Download Steal the Treasure!. Please let me know if you try this with your students and how they liked it.

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  1. Thanks - knowing kindergartners, they will love the pirate theme! I am going to try the 0-10 one for addition, and the 10-20 one with ten frame cards to work on place value.