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Place Value in the First Grade

Place Value in the First Grade


Sir Cumference and All the King's Tens:A Math Adventure. By Cindy Neuschwander.  Illus. by Wayne Geehan.  (2009).   32p.  Charlesbridge Publishing.  (978-1570917288).  Grades K-4.

A cute story about a surprise birthday party for King Arthur to help introduce math concepts to children.  The story is entertaining and helps explain the concept of place value to elementary students.

A Place for Zero:A Math Adventure.  By Angeline Sparagna Lopresti.  Illus. by Phyllis Hornung.  (2003).  32p.  Charlesbridge Publishing.  (978-1570916021).  Grades K-3.

This book takes a look at the number zero and his journey to figure out how he fits in our number system.  Very cute and entertaing book.  The book has great math vocabulary and colorful illustrations.

Places Along the Way.  By Brian Sargent.  (2007).  32p.  Children's Press.  (978-0531168394).  Grades K-3.

This book talks about a child going on a road trip and the place value game she plays to pass the time.  The book is very simple, but offers good practice for learning about or reinforcing place value.

Earth Day - Hooray.  By Stuart J. Murphy.  Illus. by Renee Andriani.  (2004).  40p.  Harper Collins.  (978-0060001292).  Grades K-4.

This book uses recycling to help readers learn a lesson about place value.  As our students are on a drive to recycle cans for Earth Day they use groupings of 10, 100, and 1000 to help keep track of their daily totals.

Math Fables:Lessons that Count.  By Greg Tang.  Illus. by Heather Cahoon.  (2004).  40p.  Scholastic Press.  (978-0439453998).  Grades K-3.

This book is a series of short fables. Each spread focuses on a different number. This book is not specifically about place value, but it lays the foundation for place value.  The book also offers colorful illustrations children will like.


Fun Brain Place Value Puzzler
Nice interactive activity to help students learn about the digits in a number.  A great feature of the game it lets the students choose a difficulty level.  This activity can also be used to help students with rounding a number.  

Math Zone  
This site offers children interactive actives that will help reinforce their developing numbers and number sense skills.  The games on place value will help children learn number positions.

Tens and Ones Marshmallows
A cute game to help children learn about place value.  The child helps a bear find the correct amount of marshmallows.  This interactive activity reinforces the ones and tens place.

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