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First Grade Addition and Subtraction

Here are some books and websites that can be used to teach addition and subtraction in First grade.                                                                                                                                        

The Mission of Addition. By Brian P. Cleary. Illus. by Brian Gable. (2007). 32p. Millbrook. (9781575058597). Gr.1-2. 

This is a cute book that helps introduce and review addition. The author uses illustrations with cartoon cats to give examples of how addition can be used. He describes vocabulary words such as “add, plus, and equals.” Towards the very end some numbers add up to the 20’s but most of the book works with smaller sums.

Mission: Addition. By Lorren Leedy. Illus. by author (1997). 32p. Holiday House, (978-0823414123). Gr. 1-2.

This book uses a classroom of animal characters to help explain addition facts. The book has 6 different short stories and situations that use addition. For example, the section “Closet Cash” is about a dog who has a yard sale and adds up his earnings. This would be a good book to read with the class and then set out for students to flip through and practice the addition sentences in the stories. The last page has answers to questions asked at the end of each section.

1+1=5 and Other Unlikely Additions. By David LaRochelle. Illus. by Brenda Sexton. (2010). 32 p. Sterling, (978-1402759956). Gr. 1-2 

A creative book that adds sets of objects such as “one goat and one unicorn equals three horns.” This would be a fun book to read to the class. Kids will enjoy guessing how “1+1=14.” This book could also be used to introduce an activity where students create picture problems. The illustrations have other objects in the background that could be counted as well.

Domino Addition. By Lynette Long, Ph.D. (1996). 32p. Charlesbridge Pub Inc, (978-0881068771). Gr. 1

This is a great book to use before getting started on a lesson that uses dominos to add. The book explains how each side of a domino’s dots are added together and shows a full set of dominoes so that students can see all the different combinations of dots. The book also asks interactive questions such as “Can you find the domino that has a total of zero spots?” A great read aloud book and independent book because even if the student cannot read all of the words they should be able to follow the pictures and numbers in order to practice addition.

Elevator Magic. By Stuart J. Murphy. Illus. by Brian Karas. (1997). 40p. Turtleback, 978-0613049276. Gr. 1

The reader travels with a boy named Ben and his mother down an elevator. Ben uses subtraction to figure out what number floor to hit. As they travel Ben finds unexpected surprises. The back of the book contains ideas for reading the book to students and subtraction activities that can be done at home.

And here are some addition and subtraction websites for kids: 

Learning Games for Kids: Subtraction.  This is a good site for students to practice and review subtraction. Students can choose to play a multiple choice “game show” that quizzes their vocabulary knowledge or they can choose “flash cards” to practice math facts.

Fun For the Brain: Addition. Fun addition games up to the number twelve. Students can choose from a wide variety of themes to satisfy their interests. The game “Deep Diver” takes the player on a deep sea photographer’s adventure where they must add numbers correctly in order to help the photographer take pictures. Students may choose different levels of difficulty. Make sure to check out the other pages to find more creative games including fairies and knights!

Hooda Math: Subtraction (and more!)  This site has several games for practicing subtraction and addition (multiplication and division, too.) Students are prompted to chose the operation they would like to practice. These games would be useful in differentiating at the computer station. Students who need more help with addition may practice addition games while students who want to practice subtraction may play the subtraction version of the same game. The site gives students some variety with themes such as skateboarder challenges to princess clothes.

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