Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun with Fractions in 5th Grade!

Literature Connections

The Hershey's Milk Chocolate Fraction Book. By Jerry Pallotta. Illus. by Robert Bolster. (1999). 32p. Cartwheel Books. 
(978-0439135191). Gr. 2+
*This is a great book to help introduce fractions to your students. The book begins with one whole (chocolate bar) and then continues to break it down using fractions. The author uses fractions such as 2/3, 3/4, 8/12, and 7/12. There are many lesson out on the internet that go along with this book which is very helpful. The author made this book fun for students to learn about fractions!

Fraction Fun. By David Adler. Illus. by Nancy Tobin. (1997). 30p. Holiday House. (978-0823413416). Gr. K+
*Although this book can be used in the lower elementary grades, it is a great resource to share with upper elementary students too. The author gave a clear explanation of fractions and fractional value. The illustrations present the book in a fun manner and would be great for a quick review of fractions in the beginning of the unit.

Polar Bear Math. By Ann Whitehead Nagda and Ciny Bickel. (2004). 32p. Henry Holt and Co. (978-0805073010). Gr. 2+
*This book is perfect for learning about fractions as well as learning a little about polar bears. Which I think makes it fun! The book follows two polar bears who were abandoned by their mother. The author provides great pictures for students to be engaged while reading independently or whole group. The book begins with defining fractions and then moves into comparing fractions. All concepts are tied to the polar bears and what they are doing!

Web Resources:

*This is an awesome website for kids to use. Once on the main page, click on fractions and several games including a fraction tutorial are shown. I like this site because students can review about fractions before playing games. Students can choose from several games to play which include, simple fractions, equivalent fractions matching, fraction addition, fraction subtraction, and much more!

*This is another fun website. The games focuses on equivalent fractions. Students are to figure out which level they want to play and then the game begins. Once they have selected the level, the student will be shown four fractions, they are to click on the fraction that is not equal to the others. Teachers could ask students to copy the fractions down as they go on scratch paper to turn in as an alternative assignment.

*This website is perfect for students who want to practice several fraction concepts or at least have the option to choose between concepts. Some of the topics that are listed are equivalent fractions, simplest form, and improper fractions. I mainly like this website because students get the option to choose what they want to review

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