Tuesday, July 10, 2012

3rd Grade Fractions

Here are a few suggestions for books and websites for kids on fractions!

Fraction Action 
By Loreen Leedy. (1996). 32p. Holiday House. (978-0823412440). Gr. K-3.
This is a great book for introducing several fraction concepts.  There are five stories that each tackle a different topic.  Kids will love these fun stories while learning about basic fractions, equivalent parts, sets, subtracting, and comparing fractions.

Fraction Fun 
By David Adler. (1997). 30 p. Holiday House. (978-0823413416). Gr. K-3.
I like this book because it talks about fractions in different ways, one of which is money.  This provides a good means of tying in different math concepts into one lesson.

Full House: An Invitation to Fractions
By Dayle Ann Dodds. Illustrated by Abby Carter. (2009). 32p. Candlewick. (978-0763641306). Gr. 1-4.
This book would be a great way to introduce fractions to kids.  It talks about basic fractions in a fun way.  It also has a lot of repetition throughout so kids can join in during a read aloud.  

Give Me Half! 
By Stuart Murphy. Illus. by G. Brian Karas.  (1997). 40 p. HarperCollins. (978-0064467018). Gr. 1-3.
This book introduces the most simplest of fractions, 1/2 in a fun way.  It's about two siblings fighting over pizza and lets children see some real-life use of fractions.

 Compare Fractions
This website links to a game and tutorial for kids that focuses on comparing fractions. This game provides good practice for making comparisons of fractions with like and unlike denominators. There are several other educational activities and games on this website as well.

Houghton Mifflin Math
This website offers a large variety of resources, but this links to the 3rd grade math page for kids. There are fraction games, emanipulatives, brain teasers, and much more. This website would be useful for differentiating instruction because it offers extra help activities as well as challenging brain teasers.

PBS Kids - Math Games
This links to a a fraction game for kids to help them manipulate and understand equivalent fractions.  It provides commentary throughout to scaffold kids through the game.  This would be a great practice activity to reinforce kids' knowledge of fractions.

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