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Annotated Bib - Count Down 10 to 1

The following collection of books have been selected to aid teachers in helping students develop the understanding of counting backwards. The grade level focus are geared towards K -2. Each book was chosen for it's illustrations, versatility, and ease of use. The versatility stems from the ability to use these books for counting 10 to 1, as well as, cross curricular applications for Language Arts and Science make these a must have for any classroom library.

Countdown to Kindergarten, by Alison McGhee, 2002, 32 pages, Harcourt Children's Books. (978Ten days before kindergarten starts, a dark-haired girl wakes up in a panic. "I've heard from a first grader that they have a lot of rules there," she confides, locking eyes with the audience. "You have to know how to tie your shoes. By yourself." Days nine, eight, seven and so on bring various shoelace disasters. As the 10 days before school wind down, she worries that she will be labeled "Velcro Girl" and finds endless ways to cover the gap in her skills through the destruction of her shoes and/or laces. Bliss presents the heroine with large-eyed innocence and humorous details.0152025168). Grades K-2

Countdown to Fall, by Fran Hawk. Illus. by Sherry Neidigh, 2009, 32 pages,  Sylvan Dell Publishing. (978-1607180395) Grades K-2
An informational picture book, emphasizing on trees and animals. A wonderful  book for teaching students to countdown from 10 to 1. As the facts about trees  count down, the images represent the numbers 10 to 1, while corner insets  show the tree, spring and fall leaves, a seed, and occasionally the flower of the  specific tree pictured, such as birch, dogwood, oak, and maple. Children will be  drawn to examine the expressive images of animals and find additional ones  along the detailed border featuring close-ups of the tree's bark. This attention  to detail makes the book more than a simple counting or seasonal book.

Count to 10 and Back Again: San Diego Zoo, by J.R. Brent Ritchie. Photo. By San  Diego Zoo. 2004, 14 pages, Candy Cane Press. (978-0824965525) Grades K-2.
A creative book for counting down from 10 with the ability to flip the book over  and count up from 1 to 10.Each number is connected to a corresponding  number of animals. The photographs are courtesy of the San Diego Zoo and  sure to delight the curiosity of any child.

One Was Johnny Counting Book, by Maurice Sendak, 1991, 48 pages, Harper  Collins. (978-0064432511). Grades K-2
From the brilliant mind and creator of "Where the Wild Things Are", comes a  beautifully illustrated tale about a kooky little kid, and crazy animal friends.  Nine arrive, and to get back to his solitude, Johnny counts backwards to make  them leave. But what will happen if they refuse to leave? Read on and find out  for yourself.

Ten Pup's Up, by Marsha Wilson Chall. Illus .by Henry Cole . 2010, 32 pp, Margaret K. McElderry Books. (ISBN 1416979603) Grades K-2

This picture book is great for Kindergarteners learning to count from 1 to 10 and back down again. The story begins with one pup waking up to start his day, then one by one, his siblings awaken until all ten are running about both playful and mischievous. Beautiful illustrations fused with colorful text, coupled with number words, numerals, and pictorial representation for one-to-one correspondence make this a must have in your classroom library.

The following links are internet bases sources of FREE lessons and games that will help teachers plan and supplement their number sense lessons dealing with counting down from 10. Fortunately for us, some sites include a wealth of information and links to more FREE online help.

This lesson is outlined in detail for a series of engaging activities to help students with the concept of counting down from 10 to 1.

Ok, the game for this particular activity is a little rudimentary BUT it is more engaging than a worksheet and can compliment what the students have learned using concrete manipulatives. The site is full of free lessons and activities for PK - middle school.

A simple point and click activities that would be great for a newcomer to number sense. The game begins with 10 written numerically and the written word. On the next line is a box with minus 1 (-1). The student clicks on the minus one ant the ten on top is converted to nine. This is repeated until the student gets to one. To reinforce concepts, the teacher can use this activity by starting with any number between and including (10 through 2) and have the student predict what number will be next when you take away one. - counting fish
Here is a great activity for teaching K-1 students basic number sense by using one-to-one correspondence to relate an object set to the correct numeric value. I thought this activity could be enhanced by instructing the students to count down from the identified number (or from 10 to the identified number) as a way to assess understanding of concepts.

For Teachers:
Virginia SOL - K.4 The student will
a) count forward to 100 and backward from 10;
b) identify one more than a number and one less than a number
Background Information from the Curriculum Framework
  • Counting skills are essential components of the development of number ideas; however, they are only one of the indicators of the understanding of numbers.
  • Counting backward by rote lays the foundation for subtraction. Students should count backward beginning with 10, 9, 8,¼ through ¼3, 2, 1, 0.
  • Counting forward and backward leads to the development of counting on and counting back.

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