Saturday, November 19, 2011

Annotated Bib - Geometric Shapes

The term geometry means the area of mathematics that deals with lines, shapes, and space. Plane geometry is about flat shapes lines lines, circles and triangles. Solid geometry is about 3-dimensional shapes like spheres and cubes.

The following books are about shapes.

Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes. By Stuart J. Murphy. Illus. by Remy Simard. 2001. 33p. HarperCollins. (9780064467315). Gr. K-3.
This comic strip written book is about a space Captain who explores three-dimensional shapes when traveling back to earth. The book lays the foundation for geometry by recognizing and classifying shapes like the cube, pyramid, sphere, cylinder, and cone. There is an adult and child section at the end of the story regarding activities to supplement the book.

This picture book is about a happy wooden couple who builds their house of geometric wooden shapes that catches on fire. They change their house into a fire engine. Because of too much water, the couple build a boat that sails them to land. Then, they build a truck to travel on land that is transformed into a train.

The photographs in this picture book depicts cubes, cones, cylinders, and sphere in familiar environments -in our houses, on the street, and in our hands. The book recognizes that shapes are the things of everyday life.

Grandfather Tang's story about the fox fairies that comes from the Chinese folklore. The two foxes challenge themselves and change into different animals. The book illustrates each animal using the Tangram puzzle throughout the story. Also, the book describes the background and the use of the Tangram.

This book is about a Mennonite girl name Selina who lives on Pennsylvania in the 1860’s. She loves her farm and watching her grandma piece together quilts. Selina’s family decides to flee to Canada to avoid persecution; however, her grandma feels she is too elderly to make the long trip. Grandma creates a Bear Paw pattern using stitches and techniques that were brought to America by the early pioneers. Every square of the quilt created by Grandma represents Selina’s family history.

Web sites for kids.
Interactive fun math games for kids. Website provides resources such as games, worksheet, video, quizzes and pictures.

The website, "Count on it" is a fun, simple, and innovative way to teach mathematics to children.

Video explains the characteristics of a circle. This website provides practice, videos, fun, and tracks progress.

Teachers websites.
Website provides worksheets for geometry such as: finding the difference between shape, tracing shapes, and recording the characteristics of shapes.

Geometry through literature for problem solving, reasoning, and connection to real world.
Lesson plan using book, "The M&M Brand Chocolate Candies Counting Book." by Barbara Barbieri McGrath. Introduce shapes circle, square, and triangle by using shape cards.

Teacher resources.
K.11 The student will a) identify, describe, and trace plane geometric figures (circle, triangle, square, and rectangle); and b) compare the size (larger, smaller) and shape of plane geometric figures (circle, triangle, square, and rectangle).
  • Attribute blocks, relational attribute blocks, and tangrams are among the manipulative's that are particularly appropriate for sorting and comparing size.

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